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How to Have a Compact Wallet When You Have Too Many Cards

Compact or minimalist wallets are fantastic. Apart from the fact that they are much more stylish than regular wallets, they also help to reduce bulk, minimising the health risks that can come from having a large wallet.

However, what if you have a lot of cards, coins, or notes you need to carry around with you? This is a very valid question.

Here's what you need to know:

Five Tips for Using a Compact Wallet

If your compact wallet can only fit a few cards or you have too many notes or coins to fit inside of it, try these tips:

1. Use Your Trouser Pockets

It's perfectly normal to want to carry around a note or two and some pence as payment by card isn't always possible.

If this is the case, your pockets are your best friend!

This enables you to save a few pence that won't be bulking up your wallet or destroying it while still being accessible when you need them. 

2. Don't Carry A Lot of Cash

black wallet with bills and card

This might seem intimidating at first, and it won't be feasible or pleasant for everyone, but for some, it's the only viable option.

These days you can purchase almost anything by card so carrying around loads of money just doesn't make sense. 

3. Switch to Contactless Payments

cashless payment using mobile e-wallet

As the world we live in becomes more digital, more and more people are starting to pay via contactless options like e-wallets.

If you have a wallet with RFID blocking, you don't have to worry about security, since people would have a harder time getting access to your personal information.

4. Keep Cash in the Car

Most people need physical coins when paying for parking at a shopping centre. It's much easier to keep a collection of coins in the car rather than carrying them around all day.

Just make sure they're not on display for everyone to see. Good ideas of where to keep them include underneath the driver’s seat or in the back in an inconspicuous container.

5. Keep a Dosh-friendly Compact Wallet

compact wallet with card holder

While many thin wallets focus purely on minimalism, it's not impossible to find one with an extra pockets for cheques, cards, receipts, etc.

How Many Notes Should Compact Wallets Hold?

Compact wallets aren't meant to hold many notes at all. The maximum number most people manage to fit in neatly is 20 notes

How Can You Make Your Wallet Thinner?

You can do this by removing some of the notes, coins, or cards inside it. However, you can also find a wallet that is made out of thinner leather and is designed to hold fewer notes.

What Is a Minimalist Wallet?

A minimalist wallet is a small wallet that's larger than a credit card wallet and elegantly folds in half to fit easily in your pocket. If you plan to use it frequently, you should choose the highest quality wallet you can afford.

black wallet with card, bills, and key

How Many Cards Can Slim Wallets Hold?

A compact wallet can generally hold between 10 and 15 cards. Our card locking and ejection system can hold six flat cards or four to five embossed cards. This feature provides quick access to your cards so you won’t struggle to release your cards from your wallet ever again.

What Do You Keep in a Minimalist Wallet?

A minimalist wallet generally holds your ID card, some dosh, and a few credit or debit cards. These are all the items you need with you on a daily basis.

Sounds interesting? Read the 5 benefits of using a minimalist wallet.

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