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Cardinal Black Leather Wallet

If you're looking for men's wallets, you can't get cooler than this. Black wallets evoke a level of confidence and professionalism. Add these wallets to your collection and benefit from the combination of style and function.

Cardinal brand wallets are made with the highest standards to ensure every wallet lasts and you can shop with confidence. The black colour is iconic and will boost your finesse.

Never carry around bulky, inconvenient wallets again. 

The ingenious design of this leather wallet makes it thinner than most other men's wallets on the market, even when stuffed to capacity with notes. You can fill it to the brim with multiple credit cards, folded cash, and coins and it will still fit comfortably in your pocket.

Not a fan of the colour black? We have several other colours for you to choose from—keep scrolling and check them out!

Carry cash and cards using one of our slim men's wallets!

The Cardinal Black Leather Wallet is a perfect choice for you, whether you want to keep the wallet to yourself or gift one to someone in your community.

This product comes in a small size to fit in any pocket discretely with enough storage space to carry what you need. It'll feel great to carry less, and it all starts with a slimmer wallet. The card holder is part of the design that makes this brand of men's wallets so unique.

Change up your day-to-day routine. Enjoy these black wallets or shop the collection to see what this product truly has to offer. Every wallet we sell comes in a wide variety of colours, so you should be able to find just what you need. Stock up now!

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cardinal black leather wallet actual product


Innovative. Functional. Secure.



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No Cardinal Wallet would be complete without our innovative card holder. With it, you have instant access to any card you want at the push of a button—without needing to open your wallet. This is a huge asset that can enhance your day as you pay for items throughout your community: no more holding up lines!

The card locking and ejection system for our Cardinal Black wallet can hold up to 4-5 embossed cards or 6 flat cards.

cardinal black leather wallet with cardholder

The card holder also prevents bending while giving you the sort of security that's necessary in the modern era. It blocks unwanted RFID/NFC transmission and keeps your personal information safe from theft.
rfid protected


Clever and practical minimalist design.

Extra pocket for an extra card plus banknotes, receipts, business cards, etc.

Elastic strap for money bills or other paper.
inside of cardinal black leather wallet
External zip pocket for coins, cash, or other small objects and easy access.
 RFID-blocking card holder is easy to use and allows you to access your cards easily.
back of cardinal black leather wallet with zipper


Top-quality materials. Built to last a lifetime.

Made with extra-light aluminium and titanium alloy

100% high-quality genuine leather wallet

Handmade and embossed black leather

Innovative design provides easy access to cards