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3 Apps to Store Your Cards on Your Mobile

It's been estimated that in 2024, there will be 184 Billion apps available for your mobile devices. So these days, you can find an app for almost every aspect of your life. 

If you can find an app that tells you the best time for a toilet break during a movie (yes, it's real), then why not find a helpful app. Such as an app to store bank cards.

The e-Wallet Apps

Are you finding your wallet is growing thick with all your different cards? Keep reading for 3 great apps to store cards on your mobile to clear out your wallet.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the built-in software of all modern iPhones. This app allows you to input your card details for separate cards and store them on your phone.

You are now able to complete debit contactless payments. All while your physical card remains safe at home. There is now no need to take all your bank cards with you wherever you go, risking losing them.

On top of this, the Apple Wallet also has the function of storing specific trips you may go on. For example, any Easy-jet flights you may take or any Airbnb trips you treat yourself to.

Google Pay

Google Pay is the android equal to iOS's Apple Pay, although it is compliant with iOS. You can store your cards on your phone to complete mobile purchases.

This app is an excellent method to help with your contactless credit card safety. All you require is a safe place at home to store your cards whilst you are out and about.

Another benefit to Google Wallet is, you can even load it onto your smartwatch. Leave your wallet at home and your phone in your pocket whilst you pay with your watch.


Xoom is a wallet app created by PayPal. This app isn't like the others as it is focused more on storing cards for online transactions. These transactions can be between you and an account from almost anywhere in the world.

The best part of this app is that the transaction recipient doesn't need a bank account to complete the transaction. All they need to do is take their tracking number and ID to a pre-approved store or bank and collect their cash.

The only downside is it isn't compatible with in-store or online payments. Saying that it is a great, secure way of dealing with all your other forms of transactions.


Apps to store cards on your mobile

Now you have a choice of 3 Apps to store cards on your mobile. With these options, you can now make contactless payments and send money around the world. 

If you decide to carry your cards and use the app, why not purchase a smaller wallet to store them in.

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