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How To Organize Card Holder Wallet

Are you tired of having a bulky and messy wallet? Then it is time to make a change and we’ll help you organize your cardholder wallet! Organizing your minimalist wallet involves more than just removing paper scraps and loose change. Check out our tips below!


How to Have an Organized Wallet

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An organized wallet can save you time and hassle, and help you keep track of your finances. But with all honesty, it takes diligence to keep it organized at all times.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Declutter regularly: Regularly review the items in your wallet and remove anything that you no longer need or use. This will keep your wallet lighter and easier to carry.
  • Use cardholders or wallet inserts: Consider using cardholders or wallet inserts to keep your cards organized and easily accessible. You can group your cards by type or frequency of use.
  • Arrange your cash: Organize your cash by denomination and keep it in the cash compartment of your wallet. This will make it easier to find the bills you need and avoid fumbling through your cash when making a payment.
  • Keep your receipts organized: Instead of stuffing your receipts in your wallet, use a small envelope or a dedicated pocket to keep them organized. This will make it easier to track your expenses and avoid losing receipts.
  • Store loyalty or membership cards separately: Consider keeping your loyalty or membership cards separate so you can access your essential cards easier without making the wallet too bulky.
  • Keep your ID visible: If you need to carry an ID card or driver's license, keep it visible in a designated ID slot or pocket. This will make it easier to access your ID when needed.


Signs You Need to Declutter/Organize Your Wallet

Here are some signs that you need to declutter/organize your wallet:

  • Your wallet is bulging or difficult to close
  • You have trouble finding what you need
  • You have expired or unused cards
  • Your wallet is messy or disorganized 
  • You're carrying too much cash


Why Declutter Your Wallet?

Decluttering your wallet is an excellent way to reduce security risks and ensure your spending is more organized. In addition, carrying a bulky wallet can cause unnecessary strain on your back, leading to discomfort and potential long-term problems. Therefore, it is important to declutter your wallet regularly to keep it lightweight and organized. 

Get rid of anything you don't need or use. This includes old receipts, expired cards and loyalty cards that you only visit occasionally. By regularly decluttering your wallet, you can not only prevent back pain but also ensure that you have easy access to the items you need most.

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What Do You Put in Each Pocket of a Wallet?

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The items you put in each pocket of a wallet may depend on its size and design, as well as your personal preferences and needs. To organize it better, here’s a general guide on what items to put on each pocket or your entire wallet:

  • Bill holder: This is the pocket that is specifically designed to hold cash. You can put your bills in this pocket, folded neatly and arranged in descending order of denomination.
  • Card slots: These are pockets designed to hold credit cards, debit cards, ID cards, your health insurance card, business card, membership cards, rewards cards, and other cards. Depending on the number of card slots in your wallet, you can put different types of cards in different slots. For example, you may put your credit and debit cards in the front slots, and your ID card or driver's license in the back slot.
  • Coin pocket: If your wallet has a coin pocket, you can use it to store your loose change. This will prevent your coins from falling out of your wallet or getting mixed up with your bills.
  • Other pockets: Depending on the size and design of your wallet, you may have additional pockets for storing other items, such as receipts, notes, or business cards. You can use these pockets to keep these items organized and easily accessible.


How Many Cards Should You Carry in Your Wallet?

This depends on the type of wallet that you have, and how many important cards you need to bring daily. But to keep your wallet organized, we highly recommend only bringing the most important cards like your debit card, multiple credit cards, and insurance cards.


Maybe It’s Time to Buy a New Wallet!

If your wallet is old and needs more than just organization, maybe it is time to get a new one! Cardinal Wallets offer an extensive collection of leather and carbon fiber wallets that can last a lifetime. Check out our collection today!

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