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How Many Bills Should a Compact Wallet Hold?

Compact wallets are all the rage now, but many people wonder if they can hold everything they need. Overall, you only need a few cards and cash in case of an emergency. Let's find out more about slim wallets and what they offer!

What Is a Compact Wallet?

Minimalist wallets or compact wallets are thin and designed to carry cash and credit cards. They have a few card slots and a small money clip to hold some paper money.

You can find many options for your pocket wallet, such as full-grain leather, a cash pocket, and much more. The cash compartment in a compact wallet is slim, only allowing you to store a few bills.

What Can You Do with a Compact Leather Wallet?

Everyone wants a stylish wallet, and many of them now offer radio frequency identification (RFID) protection. Compact wallets provide the advantage of being thinner than traditional wallets while still letting you carry cash and cards. You can keep a few coins in the coin pouch, but in order to save space, it's not all that large!

What is RFID-Blocking Technology?

wallet with RFID-Blocking Technology

Radio frequency identification or RFID-blocking wallets contain a layer of carbon fibre or metal that blocks magnetic fields from accessing RFID chips in your cards. It is used to protect your credit card information from being stolen by skimmers.

RFID-blocking technology is a hot-button topic right now because hackers have learned how to steal credit card information from inside the wallet, even if it's contained in an inside pocket. This feature, however, only works on cards with RFID technology.

What do you keep in a small wallet?

Using a small wallet should encourage people to be minimalist and bring only the essentials, such as:

  • Little cash for an emergency
  • 2-3 essential credit/debit cards (should include at least 1 primary and 1 back-up card)
  • Driver’s licence
  • Identification card
  • Insurance card
  • Business cards
  • Transit card (if you’re commuting)
  • Membership cards (if you’re going somewhere that requires them)

How Many Bills Should a Compact Wallet Hold?

how many bills should a compact wallet hold

Most compact wallets can hold five bills, although they tend to get fat and bulky if you put more. 

Cardinal Wallets’ RFID-blocking wallet can hold between four and six cards. However, it still features the style of a bifold wallet with soft leather, making it a sophisticated choice.

How Many Cards Can a Slim Wallet Hold?

It depends on the type of slim wallet you purchase and how you use it. On average, a slim wallet can accommodate at least 3 cards. 

Some brands come with extra pockets (slip and receipt pockets) or an ID window, providing extra card storage.

compact leather wallet with cardholder

Does a Minimalist Wallet Damage Credit Cards?

No, compact wallets won’t damage your credit cards. They are often designed with card holders inside to keep them safe. Although it’s usually best to slip them into the front pocket of your shirt or pants, you can put them in the back pocket of your pants and have no issues.

Cardinal Wallets - Slim, Classy, and Secured Leather Wallet

If you're tired of larger leather wallets that seem bulky and messy, it's wise to choose a minimalist yet affordable wallet.

At Cardinal Wallets, we offer affordable wallets with minimalist designs and a 2-year warranty. Our products are designed to last and come in many colours, styles, and options.

As a minimalist with taste, you're sure to love Cardinal Wallets. Purchase your new wallet today and consider getting one for your mate as well!

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