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Designing the Perfect Wallet

Today, the perfect wallet fuses a minimalist design with optimum functionality. The goal is to make clever design choices and pair them with expert craftsmanship in order to produce a wallet that meets all the goals of the modern user while maintaining a sleek and desirable look.

Older wallets allowed for too much bulk that stretched out their designs and didn’t feel good in the pocket. Whereas today’s fully minimalist designs such as card slots in phone cases or metal clips can only hold a couple of cards. The perfect wallet finds the best middle-ground between these two extremes and combines it with an expert design and style.

The perfect wallet should look to maintain a slim profile by allowing for a specific amount of cards, cash, and coins in specially designed spaces for each of them.

Cardinal Wallets’ solution is a metal case with ejectable cards in the interior of the wallet. Inside their wallet, the metal card holder holds up to six cards, preventing card bending and providing RFID protection. When a card is needed, an elastic ejection mechanism allows you to look through all the cards stored in the metal casing by pushing a button on the wallet’s front. This elegant solution protects the cards while storing them such that they will never stretch the wallet out.

Other solutions include providing only a certain number of slots to place cards in, although this can really limit your total number of cards. Wallets that allow for secret slots and additional features also tend to get in the way and warp the overall design. The best solution actually limits the number of cards, cash, and coins in order to maintain the wallet’s look and feel.

At least one quick access card slot should allow for easy access to your most frequently used cards. A strap or clip is a nice solution to bills as it prevents keeping too many in the wallet. An external zip pocket can store coins or cash and be easy to access on the back of the wallet.

Leather is almost always the best material for the outside of your wallet, although metal has its place for holding shape and the protection it provides. Having a vegan leather option is great for the eco-conscious consumer. The perfect wallet should be available in a few solid, bold colors to suit your personality. Overly complicated designs or patterns are unnecessary.

Finally, craftsmanship and overall quality should always be a factor to keep in mind.

So, this is how we designed Cardinal Wallets. Your own taste and desired features in a wallet are what makes the perfect one for you.

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