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How to Care For Your Cardholder Wallet

Men’s wallets are now an essential part of life – and it’s not just designed to carry our cash, but is also a fashion statement — how the colours, design, styles, and its functionality can bring out the best in you. But how exactly do you care for your cardholder wallet

This article will show you how to make sure your wallets are always looking new.


Is It Better to Have a Wallet or a Cardholder?

It is always better to have a wallet than a credit cardholder since a wallet can also give you the advantage of having enough card slots. However, there are still some factors that you can consider.

  • Number of cards that you need to carry
  • Amount of cash and coins that you need
  • Size and portability
  • Style

What Is the Best Wallet to Hold Lots of Cards?

card holder wallet


A good wallet should be made of high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear. Choose a wallet that is made from carbon fiber or genuine leather.



The wallet should be compact enough to fit in your pocket or purse without being too bulky. Money clip wallets are great especially for people who always carry cash with them.



Card holders should have enough space to hold all of your cards, including credit cards, ID cards, and membership cards.



The wallet should have multiple compartments or slots to keep your cards organized and easily accessible. 

Choose a wallet that comes with an innovative credit card holder, which means that it has a button that you need to click in case you need any of your cards. This function can hold your cards safely and prevents any damage to your cards.



The wallet should have some form of security, such as a zipper or a snap closure, to keep your cards from falling out or being stolen.



The wallet should have a design that suits your personal style and preferences. There are wallets that come with standout patterns and monogram prints that you can choose from. 


RFID protection: 

If you are concerned about RFID skimming, then you should look for a wallet that has RFID blocking technology to prevent your cards from being scanned without your permission.


Which Type of Card Holder Wallet Is the Best?

card holder wallet

There are different types of men’s wallets that can hold a lot of cards, so the most practical answer to this question depends on your essentials and how you would like to use your wallets to hold your cards and cash. Here are some of the types of cardholders for you:


Wallet-style card holder 

Cardholders like this are usually made of leather and have multiple slots for cards, as well as a section for cash. It's a good choice if you carry a lot of cards and prefer to keep them all in one place.


Minimalist card holder 

If you only carry a few cards, a minimalist card holder might be a good choice. These are usually made of metal or plastic and can hold a few cards securely. 

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Phone case card holder 

Some phone cases come with a card holder built in, which is a good option if you like to keep your phone and cards together.


RFID-blocking card holder 

If you're concerned about identity theft, an RFID-blocking card holder can help protect your cards from being scanned by unauthorized devices.

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Can You Use a Cardholder as a Wallet?

Yes, you can use a cardholder as a wallet, but it depends on your personal needs and preferences. Cardholders are designed primarily to hold cards but they are also used to store cash, coins, and other small items. 

If you carry only a few cards and don't need to carry cash or other items, a cardholder can function as a wallet. This will also motivate you to declutter your wallet and bring only your essentials.


Tips to Care for the Credit/Debit Cards in Your Wallet

Taking care of your credit and debit cards is important to ensure they last long and work properly. Here are some tips for protecting your cards and keeping them in good condition:


Keep them away from magnets 

Magnets can damage the magnetic strip on your card, rendering it unusable. Keep your wallets away from magnets because the magnetic field can damage or erase the magnetic stripes on credit and debit cards, hotel key cards, and other types of cards with magnetic stripes. Avoid storing your cards near magnets, such as in a purse or wallet that contains a magnetic closure.


Protect them from scratches 

Avoid placing your cards in a pocket or purse with other items that could scratch them, such as keys and loose change. Consider using a separate cardholder or a wallet with dedicated card slots to protect your cards from scratches.


Keep them dry

Moisture can damage your cards, so be sure to keep them dry. Avoid exposing them to liquids or in a damp environment. If your wallet becomes wet, the moisture can damage its material, which may cause warp, stain, or deterioration. 

In addition, moisture can damage your cards' magnetic stripes, making them unreadable for your next transactions.


Use an RFID-blocking sleeve or wallet

If you're concerned about unauthorized scanning of your cards, consider using an RFID-blocking sleeve or wallet to protect them from skimming devices.


Sign the back of your cards

Sign the back of your cards as soon as you receive them to prevent someone else from using them in case they are lost or stolen.


Check your statements regularly 

Review your credit and debit card statements regularly to check for unauthorized charges. Report any suspicious activity to your bank or credit card company immediately.


It’s Time to Get a New Wallet!

Cardinal Wallets should be your choice for picking out your next cardholder wallet. Our collection of men’s wallets is designed especially for professionals who have a minimalist lifestyle. If you’re in indeed of a wallet that is both functional and stylish, see our collection today!

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