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The Pros and Cons of Minimalist Wallets

Is your wallet too full of things you never use? Most people carry receipts, credit cards, point card rewards programs in their wallets because they think, "Maybe I'll need this later."

You may think you're being prepared by carrying around so much stuff in your wallet. But really, the only thing that's been "prepared" for is how long it takes to find something with all of those items are jammed inside a tiny pocket on its side. After all, what's the point of being prepared for anything if all it does is slow you down?

pros and cons of minimalist wallet


Rise of the Minimalist

A minimalist lifestyle frees your mind to focus on what is essential. Many distractions can clutter up our lives as we slowly begin to accumulate things around us, and at some point, the burdens start to outweigh the benefits.

Pursuing a minimalistic mindset will grow you into someone who is more resistant to the habit of accumulating "things." If you have ever felt like your wallet is so packed that it feels too heavy to carry, a minimalist approach might be just what the doctor ordered. But a minimalist wallet is not for everyone. So we're going to discuss some pros and cons of switching to a minimalist wallet.


Reduces the Risk of Theft

Carrying many credit cards, debit cards, or ATM cards with you can be a considerable risk. Besides the fact that it's easy for someone to steal all of your money if they find out where you store it, carrying so much also means having items that might not get used often enough. A minimalistic wallet is more efficient because they focus on one primary payment method and an alternate just in case you should lose the main form of payment, making it less of a gold mine for a thief to steal.

Less Clutter and Distractions

The traditional bi-fold wallets provide you with enough space to carry your ID, cards, cash, and coins. But it is because of their larger size because of their large size that other items get introduced, such as coupons or business cards, which become bulky. On the other hand, minimalist wallets have been designed for carrying only what is needed daily, like credit cards, cash, and IDs, so you can easily access these necessities without having to search.

Eases Back Pain

Regular wallets have a tendency to be heavy and bulky, which can lead to neck or back pain.  Minimalist wallets are much more comfortable because of their smaller design and less bulk for weight distribution purposes.


Easy to Misplace

If you are the type who often misplaces your wallet, minimalist wallets may not be for you. The size is small enough to make it easy to lose in a crowded purse or bag, leading to losing all your contents inside.

Not Having Something You Need

If you are someone who carries multiple forms of payment, minimalist wallets may not be for you. The small size can lead to the inability to have all cards or cash potentially necessary at a given time.

Losing Something You May Need Later

Because the minimalist wallet forces you to prioritize what goes in it, it's possible you could discard something that seemed unimportant at the moment, only to realize you needed it later.

Final Thoughts on Regular Wallets vs. Small Minimalist Wallets

This is one instance where you should go with what works best for you. If having a minimalist wallet would cause issues, then, by all means, stick to your regular size. But if not, minimalist wallets can become the perfect solution to carrying around just what's necessary for today's digital age and helping reduce the number of things that clutter both your mind and body.



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